Date : 30 Nov, 2023

Target Participants: Medical Officers, Junior Residents
Bir Hospital, New Surgical Building 6th Floor

Dr Sudhir Lohani (Course Director), Registration: Dr Shital Adhikari

Time Session Faculty
8.00-8.30 Registration and tea/coffee  
8.30-8.50 ABCDE approach Sudhir Lohani, UK
8.50-9.10 National Early Warning Score 2 Mark Wilkinson, UK
9.10-9.30 Hypotension in unwell patient Satyan Rajbhandari, UK
9.30-11.00 Skill stations 3 stations
11.00-11.10 Tea/coffee  
11.10-12.10 Skill stations 2 stations
12.10-12.30 Feedback & Closing remarks  

Target Participants: MD Medicine, MD GP Residents
Bir Hospital, New Surgical Building 7th Floor

Dr Janak Koirala (Course Director), Registration: Dr Sabin Thapaliya

Time Session Faculty
8.30-9.00 Registration/ Light Breakfast  
9.00-9.30 AMR and Antimicrobial Stewardship: An overview and practical tips Janak Koirala, Nepal
9.30-10.00 New Antimicrobials- approved and in the pipeline Prabhat Adhikari, Nepal
10.00-10.30 Approach to laboratory diagnosis of Infectious diseases Gunaraj Dhungana, Nepal
10.30-11.00 Management issues for DS and DR TB: What is new? Sabin Thapaliya, Nepal
11.00-11.15 Break  
11.15-11.45 Approach to fungal infections: Treatment and resistance Prabhat Adhikari, Nepal
11.45-12.15 Infections in immunocompromised host: Prevention and management Anup Subedee, Nepal
12.15-12.45 Clinical Case Discussion All faculty
12.45-13.00 Closing  

Lunch at Bir Hospital, New Surgical Building 6th Floor
Target participants: MD Medicine residents, DM residents

Sanjay Pandya (Course Director), Registration: Dr Krishna Kumar Agrawaal

Time Session Faculty
13:00-14:00 Fluid therapy basics and in Medical Disorders Faculties
14:00-14:30 Fluid Therapy in electrolyte disorders Faculties
14:30-14:40 Break  
14:40-15:20 Fluid Resuscitation current trends Faculties
15:20-16:20 Fun to Learn Acid Base Disorders Faculties
16:30 Closing  

Bir Hospital, New Surgical Building 7th Floor
Target participants: Doctors with interest in the topic

Kunjang Sherpa (Course Director), Registration: Dr Kunjang Sherpa

Time Session Faculty
12.30-13.00 Registration followed by Pretest  
13.00-13.20 Planning and steps in medical research Bibek Rajbhandari, Nepal
13.20-13.40 Avoiding common errors in research study design Apurba Sharma, Nepal
13.40-14.00 Sampling methods and sample size calculation Amita Pradhan, Nepal
14.00-14.15 Break  
14.15-14.35 Collecting and analyzing data Ashish Shrestha, Nepal
14.35-14.55 Statistical tests in mediacl research Prajwal Pyakurel, Nepal
14.55-15.15 Ethics in Medical Research Pawan Hamal, Nepal
15.15-15.25 What a reviewer looks for while reviewing a research proposal Prabhat Adhikari, Nepal
15.25-15.40 Break  
15.40-16.40 Proposal writing and discussion Group Acitvity
16.40-16.50 Review of pretest questionnaire  
16.50-17.00 Closing  
Date : 1 Dec, 2023

Time Session Topic Faculty
8:00-9:00 Medical Quiz Preliminary Buddhi Poudyal, Nepal & Krishna Kumar Agrawaal, Nepal
9:00-11:00 Global Forum of Physicians Session
9:00-9:20 Mimics of acute coronary syndrome Arun Maskey, Nepal
9:20-9:40 Mangement of diabetes in elderly Girish Mathur, India
9:40-10:00 Difficult to treat hypertension Kumudini Jayasinge, Sri Lanka
10:00-10:20 Tuberculosis: Not always typical Shohael M Arafat, Bangladesh
10:20-10:40 Challenges in investigation of tropical fever Jyotirmoy Pal, India
10:40-11:00 Break
11:00-12:00 Dr. DL Singh session
11:00-11:20 Changing face of malaria Nandini Chatterjee, India,
11:20-11:40 Clinical Experiences of the Allogenic Bone-Marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells Toru Ishio, Japan
11:40-12:00 Do and don't in the management of hyponatremia Sanjay Pandya, India
12:00-13:00 Dr. KB Raut session
12:00-12:20 Managing autonomic dysfunctions in diabetes mellitus Jugal Kishore Sharma, India
12:20-12:40 Clinical reasoning in medical practice Quazi Tarikul islam, Bangladesh
12:40-13:00 ECMO practice in Nepal Bijoy Rajbanshi, Nepal
13:00-14:00 Conference Lunch
14:00-14:30 Moderated poster viewing in Hall B
14:30-16:00 RCPE session
14:30-14:50 Cost effective treatment of elderly in developing countries Andrew Elder, UK
14:50-15:10 Management of recurrent exacerbations of COPD Mark Wilkinson, UK
15:10-15:30 Managing ILD in 2023 Rakshya Pandey, Nepal
15:30-15:50 Identify acutely deteriorating patient and immediate management Sudhir Lohani, UK
15:50-16:10 Higher Medical training in UK Satyan Rajbhandari, UK
16:10-16:30 Break
16:30-17:00 MSMT Oration Equitable quality healthcare in developing countries JP Agrawal, Nepal
17:00 End of scientific program for Day 1

Time Session Topic Faculty
9:00-11:00 Global Forum of Physicians Session Hall A
9:00-9:20 Hall A
9:20-9:40 Hall A
9:40-10:00 Hall A
10:00-10:20 Hall A
10:20-10:40 Hall A
10:40-11:00 Break
11:00-12:00 Dr. IL Acharya session
11:00-11:20 Alcohol related liver disease Guru Dhakal, Bhutan
11:20-11:40 NAFLD:  An approach to the silent epidemic liver disease Bickram Pradhan, Nepal
11:40-12:00 Discordant thyroid functions Suranga Manilgama, Sri Lanka
12:00-13:00 Apollo Session
12:00-12:20 Diabetic kidney disease DK Agarwal, India
12:20-12:40 Recent advances in management of heart failure Rajeev Kumar Rajput, India
12:40-13:00 Posterior circulation stroke PN Renjen, India
13:00-14:00 Conference Lunch
14:00-14:30 Moderated poster viewing
14:30-16:00 RCPE session Hall A
14:30-14:50 Hall A
14:50-15:10 Hall A
15:10-15:30 Hall A
15:30-15:50 Hall A
15:50-16:10 Hall A  
16:10-16:30 Break  
16:30-17:00 MSMT Oration, Hall A
17:00 End of scientific program for Day 1
Date : 2 Dec, 2023

Time Session Topic Faculty
9:00-11:00 Astra Zeneca session
9:00-9:20 Psychosomatic disorders, physcician's perspective Upul Dissanayeke, Sri Lanka
9:20-9:40 Delivering quality diabetes care-Maldives experience Moosa Murad, Maldives
9:40-10:00 Changing Gear from Glucose control to CARE-Me Protection Dina Shrestha, Nepal
10:00-10:20 Management of hyperglycemia in non-critically ill hospitalized type 2 diabetic patients Jyoti Bhattarai, Nepal
10:20-10:40 Evaluation and management of a patient with suspected CTD in primary practice Buddhi P Poudyal, Nepal
10:40-11:00 Break
11:00-12:30 Dr. SB Pandey session
11:00-11:20 ARDS: In search of Holy Grail Sanjay Lakhey, Nepal
11:20-11:40 Management of snake envenomation Sanjib K Sharma, Nepal
11:40-12:00 Management if Infectious Disease Emergency Janak Koirala, Nepal
12:00-12:20 Updates on MDR TB guidelines Prajowl Shrestha, Nepal
12:20-12:40 Intestinal tuberculosis vs Crohn's disease Nandu Silwal Poudyal, Nepal
Medical Quiz, Hall B
13:40 End of Scientific Program for Day 2

Time Session Topic Faculty
9:00-11:00 Subspecialities in Medicine session
9:00-9:20   Recent practice changing evidences in Nephrology Dhiraj N Manandhar, Nepal
9:20-9:40   Recent practice changing evidences in Gastroenterology Ramila Shrestha, Nepal
9:40-10:00   Recent practice changing evidences in Cardiology Ratna M Gajurel, Nepal
10:00-10:20   Recent practice changing evidences in Critical Care Medicine Subhash P Acharya, Nepal
10:20-10:40   Recent practice changing evidences in Neurology Raju Poudel, Nepal
10:40-11:00 Break
11:30-13:00 Dr. PR Satyal session
11:00-11:20   Effects of systemic vasculitis in the kidneys Mukunda P Kafle, Nepal
11:20-11:40   Finerenone: A non-steroidal minerolocorticoids receptor antagonist in diabetic kidney disease Shailendra Shrestha, Nepal
11:40-12:00   Current status of pancreato-biliary interventions in Nepal Ram Gurung, Nepal
12:00-12:20   Septic cardiomyopathy Rajendra Koju, Nepal
12:20-12:40   Evaluation and management of lupus flare Binit Vaidhya, Nepal
12:40-13:40   Medical Quiz Finals Buddhi Poudyal, Nepal & Krishna Kumar Agrawaal, Nepal
13:40 End of Scientific Program for Day 2