Message from the Organizing Secretary


It is a moment of pride to invite you to the 15th International Conference of Society of Internal Medicine of Nepal (SIMON) to be held in the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Kathmandu on 1 & 2 Dec 2023 (15th & 16th Mangsir 2080 BS).  Please mark the calendar to block these dates for nothing other than the 15th SIMONCon23.

The advantage of the clinical experience and research findings presented by over 50 national and international faculties in this conference is expected to benefit not only the audience physicians but also the patients that they take care of everyday.  Leaders of the physician community from Bangladesh, Maldives, England, India and Sri Lanka will join the renowned Nepali experts to discuss the changing trends in the practice of medicine in the region. The spectacular display of this conference will be witnessed by over 500 delegate physicians from various parts of the country.

The theme of the conference is  “Delivering equitable quality healthcare in developing countries.”  This conference is expected to deliver a message towards ensuring affordability of developing countries to adopt the standards of care in the health sector.  Like the past SIMON conferences, this conference will also prove itself as an excellent opportunity to disseminate the results of the scientific work by clinicians in the domain of Internal Medicine and subspecialities. Apart from the invited lectures, the scientific committee is working hard to enrich the taste of this conference with a variety of academic cuisine including free papers, academic debates, medical quizzes and scholarly panel discussions.

It will also host commercial exhibitions and will be a perfect networking opportunity with colleagues practicing Internal Medicine and its subspecialities in various parts of the country. 

For international delegates, being in Kathmandu will give a wonderful experience at this time of the year.  Weather will be exactly comfortable and the Himalayas will very frequently uncover themselves for the pleasure of tourists. Apart from historical and cultural heritage in and around Kathmandu, there are plenty of sightseeing and hiking opportunities that can be rejoiced with friends or family. You can plan day trips to nearby locations and feel the pleasure of being in Kathmandu.

I humbly invite all to participate in this conference with the same level of enthusiasm as in the past. You could participate in the conference as a delegate, or a faculty, or a free paper presenter, or volunteer in any of the committees of the conference organizing team. 

With best regards,

Dr Mukunda Prasad Kafle, MD

General Secretary